The Milk Day


The Milk Day

Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Sala Stringa

4 February 2015 - 14.00-18.00

A satellite event of the National Conference of AISEM 2015


In dairy industry, one of most pressing unmet needs is the timely detection of toxins contaminations that originate from animal feed and are secreted into milk and represents a hazard for human health and an economic loss for the dairy industry. The available technology for aflatoxin detection is laboratory-based, in most cases requires sample preparation and does not provide timely identification of contaminants, thus fails to deliver cost-effective management of milk quality.

Can the use of Micro System Technologies and biosensors provide a solution to overcome these limitations? What are the major factors that could jeopardize the integration and automation of current analysis techniques? Milk chemistry and composition, strict regulations for milk quality, dairy industry requirements, the large diffusion of milk consumers and producers pose substantial challenges, but, in the meanwhile, offer a number of opportunities for exploiting the huge potential of miniaturized systems and sensors.

This thinkshop, organized in the framework of the SYMPHONY project, will be the occasion to discuss relevant open issues in the application of MST in the analysis of milk contaminations.

Main topics include:

  1. Milk chemistry and challenges for analysis
  2. Aflatoxin and health prevention
  3. Milk quality testing and regulations
  4. A review of current procedures and limitations
  5. MST for food quality

A report on major topics discussed in the workshop can be downloaded below.

The slides of presentations given at the workshop are available here

For contacts and info: please write to andadami(at)